Welcome to the Tannercraft on PernWorld MUSH!

The Tannercraft on PernWorld MUSH is a small craft based out of its Igen crafthall.

The Tannercraft is a very wide Craft. Its main Hall in Igen teaches the basics of tannery to any person interested. It is one of the most active craft schools for nonapprentices, due to the fact that the applications and needs for cured hides and leatherworkings are many.

The Tannercraft itself, however, is not as important as some of the other Crafts on Pern. Like the winecraft, tanning is considered a Hold Craft. The rudiments are easily learned and passed on. In order to combat this, however, the Tannercraftmasters always reserve special craft secrets, such as special processes and chemicals, techniques, and compounds to make finer leathers.

The Tannercrafthall will often send specialists to various well-know beast holds to examine the hides they have collected over the winter. This specialist will provide certification of quality hides so they may be sold for higher prices at Gathers. Every person on Pern knows if a hide bears the seal of the Tannercrafthall it is of high quality, was processed correctly, and will not rot.

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