The Rank of Apprentice


The IC duties of a Tanner Craft Apprentice are fairly simple. As an apprentice, the primary requirement of the youth is to learn. So, the bulk of an apprentice's time will be monopolized by classes. The time which you are not attending classes will be filled by chores assigned to you by your mentor (A Journeyman), or Master. As an apprentice, you may take commissions, however do not forget that as an apprentice, you will not have time to do hundreds of these and the work will not be flawless. You can take multiple commissions, but ICly, you will be sharing them with your peers.


The OOC duties of an apprentice are of the same caliber as that of any member of the craft. As an apprentice of the Tanner Craft, the OOC duties are as follows:

* Commissions. Accept and describe commissions. Commissions must be approved by the CraftMaster, CraftSecond or Apprentice Master before being accepted as credit towards promotion.

* Roleplay. Roleplay of craft business (logged) can be considered as credit towards promotion, but the primary goal of this game is to have -fun-.

* Recruit. As a member of the craft, it is your duty to help the craft grow. Invite friends and recruit, recruit, recruit!


Requirements for promotion are as follows:

* A minimum of 5 approved commissions.
* A minimum of 2 approved Roleplay scenarios.
* 1 approved TP.
* Acceptable Activity Levels

All promotees are subject to an interview by the CraftMaster, CraftSecond and Apprentice Master prior to promotion acceptance. All questions can be directed to Bellorya (CraftMaster) or Varia (CraftSecond) via @mail.

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