The Rank of CraftMaster


The IC duties of the CraftMaster are to be the figure head and leader of the Tanner Craft. The CraftMaster is usually determined by their former job. Most CraftMasters are CraftSeconds that assume the responsibility when the former CraftMaster can no longer perform their duties. A CraftMaster has no more knowledge, than a Master, but they do have more experience in running a craft, as their time as a CraftSecond helped sculpt them to the position which they now fill. The CraftMaster is usually referred to as the 'Master Tanner' where masters of the craft are usually referred to as, 'Tanner Masters'. The CraftMaster also supervises the posting and promotion of Craft members.


The OOC duties of the CraftMaster are to approve promotions, commissions, tiny plots, recruit apprentices, and settle OOC disputes by acting as a Mediator and Mentor to players of Craft Characters. They also help supply TP ideas, opportunities and roleplay scenarios.


The current CraftMaster of the Tanner Craft is Bellorya.

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