The Rank of Craftsecond


The CraftSecond is to the CraftMaster what the Vice Principal is to the Principal. The CraftSecond acts as an administrator to the craft, often helping to make decisions on the CraftMaster's behalf. The CraftSecond acts as a filter, handling smaller duties that need not concern the CraftMaster, and as an advisor, help offer insight on subjects that may come across the CraftMaster's desk. The CraftSecond also works with the Headwoman to handle the financial statements of the craft, concerning payment for commissions, tithes, and student fees. The CraftSecond also keeps tabs on reports from posted crafters and records of projects.


The OOC Duties of the CraftSecond are similar to that of the CraftMaster. They help to approve promotions, commissions, tiny plots, recruit apprentices and help act as a mediator and mentor to craft members, helping to settle OOC disputes amongst players. They supply TP ideas, opportunities and roleplay scenarios for apprentices and journeymen to help further their academic progress.


The current CraftSecond of the Tanner Craft is Varia.

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