Imports and Exports

While the Tannerhall is never lacking for business, they must maintain a fairly brisk trade in order to maintain a decent quality of life as they do not actively produce food stuffs.

Simply to maintain their craft, the Tanners import such materials as raw salted hides, tanning chemicals, dyes, land leatherworking tools from the other crafts on Pern, and relay upon trade agreements with the other crafts to provide what they need in terms of leather-goods in return for what they need, including offering harnesses to the Farmcraft in return for a portion of their harvest.

From these imports, the tanners are able to export such goods as shoes and boots, harnesses for runners and other work beasts, leathers appropriate to be made into riding straps as well as flight jackets for the various riders at the weyr, and other leather goods. They also export whole hides, appropriately treated, back to the populace to do with as they need.

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