The Rank of Journeyman


As a Journeyman, your primary duties consist of teaching classes to apprentices while not neglecting your goal of attaining your mastery by attending the more advanced classes organized by the Masters. Journeymen are also encouraged to take commissions, but as a bonus to their rank, their work is much more refined and therefore can charge more for their work, having a larger profit margin. Journeymen are also slotted as mentors to apprentices, and help designate chores throughout the Apprentice Ranks. Journeymen are also considered the 'Liaisons' of the craft. Most Journeymen are given postings away from Landing after they choose their subcraft, and thus are the main representatives of the Tanner Hall.


The OOC duties of Journeymen are fairly simple. Roleplay. As a Journeyman, your primary goal is to promote roleplay amongst the ranks as well as where you are posted, should you choose to be posted away from Landing. You may be assigned a mentee, and as a mentor, all commissions and logs will also be recommended to be @mailed to you. As a mentor, you will be encouraged to offer helpful criticism and input that may influence the promotion of your mentee(s). As a Journeyman, you may take and do commissions without approval of the CraftMaster and CraftSecond, however to receive credit for these, they must be mailed to the CraftMaster, CraftSecond and Apprentice Master.


Requirements for Promotion from Journeyman to Master are as follows:

* A Minimum of 10 commissions.
* A minimum of 5 approved rp scenarios (Primarilly classes)
* 2 Approved Major Tinyplots.
* A minimum of one organized Craft activity.
* Acceptable Activity Levels

All promotees are subject to an interview by the CraftMaster, CraftSecond and Apprentice Master prior to promotion acceptance. All questions can be directed to Bellorya (CraftMaster) or Varia (CraftSecond) via @mail.

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