The Rank of Master


The IC duties of a Tanner Master are similar to those of a Journeyman, though they are held to a stricter standard. A master tanner's time is split between teaching both Journeymen and Apprentices, so that the necessary skills do not fall out of use, and using their knowledge to create the necessary items. They are involved in all steps of the tanning process, though each is likely to have a particular domain which they oversee, based on the specialty they have chosen over the turns. Their commissions fetch the highest prices, and are generally reserved for high ranking members of Hold, Craft, and Weyr.


The OOC duties of a master are as follows: They are, because of their rank, in the public eye far more often then most of the other crafters, and therefore are expected to act with respect to their station. Masters are expected to accept commissions, as well as encouraging roleplay both at the hall and at their posting, as well as to help the craft go through recruiting and fostering interest in the activities of Tanners.

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