Members of the Tannercraft
Crafter Rank Posting Specialty
Bellorya Craftmaster Igen Hall Tooling
Varia Craftsecond Igen Hall Garments
Barashyn Apprentice Master Igen Hall Garments
Cyrrene Master Igen Hall Carving and Tanning
A'tien Journeyman Ista Weyr Garments
J'vry Journeyman Ista Weyr Accessories
L'ya Journeyman Eastern Weyr Tack and Harnesses
Leona Journeyman Ista Weyr Tanning
S'rus Journeyman Ierne Weyrhold Dyes
Jayden Apprentice Igen Hall
L'then Apprentice Ierne Weyrhold
Maralaine Apprentice Igen Weyr
Pareol Apprentice Igen Hall
Xelleen Apprentice Tooling Western Weyr
Z'lren Apprentice Accessories Western Weyr
Faraden Steward Igen Hall
Simchal Hall Healer Igen Hall
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